DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | Deniz Kabu x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 038
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Deniz Kabu x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 038


08 Apr Deniz Kabu x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 038

DENIZ KABU ( LouLou Records, Cuff / Istanbul )

Deniz Kabu started his music life with playing guitar at age 13.After couple of years he become a professional musician and started playing at metal bands as a lead guitar. He has gone viral on Youtube with his solo videos, tutorials and covers playing Dream Theater, Opeth, Lamb of God etc. In 2009 he started to produce electronic music, using his music and production skills from his past as a lead guitar player. He showed himself as a producer at many genres of electronic music including electro, electro house, dubstep music on his other project KABU. He’s tracks are supported by Amine Edge & Dance, Catz N Dogz, Kolombo, LouLou Players, Marc Vedo, Kryder and many others.