DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | Chambray x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 037
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Chambray x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 037


08 Apr Chambray x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday 037

CHAMBRAY ( Ultramajic / Berlin )
Chambray is the alias of André Rost – the first Berlin based producer to sign to Jimmy Edgar’s ULTRAMAJIC imprint.

In early 2014 he released his debut EP “YUU” on GND and immediately gained the support of the likes of Boys Noize and Fake Blood. Now Chambray has proved himself to be a valuable recruit to the ULTRAMAJIC movement – capable of churning out total burners that have a classic vibe to them with a modern bite and ruggedness. It only takes a few seconds of listening to any of the four tracks presented on his ‘Rub’ EP to see why, as he turns out some uproarious, vintage-touched house with considerable bass heft that would do Chicago-style veterans like Steve Poindexter proud while showing off more modern house styles that have become touchstones of Ultramajic-affiliated DJs and producers like Aden and Jimmy Edgar himself.