DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | S O U L S S S X Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 032
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S O U L S S S X Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 032


08 Apr S O U L S S S X Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 032

Laurel.Canyon ( / South London )
Laurel Canyon is a DJ and producer based in South London. His song “Hot” was made in collaboration with Jacob Manson of UK Chart Topping Duo Blonde. “Hot” has gone on to receive over 50,000 plays on UK Youtube Channel Eton Messy and his Soundcloud combined.

Under his new alias S O U L S S S he has just released a remix from up and coming US Future RnB sensation Danny Cainco which is included in this mix. “ I Like to play all kinds of music in my DJ sets I like how scenes are all bleeding into each other nowadays. I feel this is a great time for music and that audiences really open to hearing new music ….you can play an old disco track or something really future style like Sam Gellaitry or Mr Carmack and people will go with it …. I also really like what guys like Soulection are doing when they remix mainstream artists and bring that sound to the Underground and vice versa …. Really enjoyed making this mix :) hope you guys like it would love to come and play in Venice for you soon !’