DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | Archie B x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 026
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Archie B x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 026


08 Apr Archie B x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 026

Archie B. (Cr2 Records Data Transmission / Oxford )

BIO: “..I first started to Dj at a young age of 14 I brought myself a pair of cheap of belt drive decks and me and my boys decided to make a crew called Flexus. Being in a crew was the in thing back then, we got our ideas from artists like, pay as you go, so solid etc. There were 8 of us in total and we were garage, grime, house and hard step jungle oriented. We used to make music in a studio for a small time but the team slowly faded, a few of us still work together and are my close friends but I basically started to Dj on my own. The music I was and am still interest in is house, uk garage and 2 step sounds.
From the age of 20 I was slowly making a name for myself in and around oxford Djing at Brunel rooms Swindon and a few of the bigger clubs in oxford. For a short time I lost my way a little and other commitments took over and the music died for me until I regained my love for music again at the age of 24.
I was then just Djing in and around oxford and the odd garage nation events alongside the likes of Dj EZ, martin larner, artful dodger etc going through the motions really not putting enough time and effort in to what I loved.
It was only until the start of last year I really said to myself I need to take this further, it’s been too long messing about being the average Hobby Dj that just does the odd show here and there, so I decided I wanted to put what I actually love down and make music with what I feel and play.
Around September 2013 I said sod this I’m going for it and got a laptop, some good speakers and the music making programme also the permission from my Nan to use the spare room for the studio. I then got to learn how to actually make the music. After a few months of studying I started to put down the music I was feeling, which I know I should have done years ago. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a lot of hard work, loads of staying in, sleepless nights and being unsociable which all the producers will tell you that but I love it and believe that if you really want something in life hard work, dedication and passion in what you do will shine trough in the end.
So that’s Me, I’m trying to bring a new sound to the house music scene and hopefully the people who listen will like what I’m bringing to the table.
I have so many things planned for 2015 so watch this space..”