DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | Raven x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 012
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Raven x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 012


16 Mar Raven x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 012

DJ RAVEN ( Paris / Panel Collective, Clasical Trax )
BIO: I’m Mehdi B. aka Raven, i’m 22 yo french boy who lives in Paris.
I produce Techno, Grime and House music according to my moods and my desires.
I begin piano at 4 and stop around my 12yo.
My influences are from London to NY, Berlin and Paris.
I’m part of Panel Collective (NY/PARIS) and Classical Trax (Worldwide).
I do one track for Classical Trax, for the « Bootleg City 2 » EP besides many many tracks which are unreleased like in my EP, which is called « Grand Ballet « .
I play in some clubs in Paris, from the mythic Social Club to the new Badaboum.
( La Foule, Chez Moune, Le divan du Monde, La petite Taverne, Le Pigallion, Les Caves du Chapelais, Le Batofar, and some squats and bars.
I really love to mix. Since 2 months, I do some mixes like « Classical Trax Mutations Mix », « Syrah » from Aussie, « Philosophy Club » from NY, « Mojo Party » from Paris, « Beware Magazine » from Paris and recently « Odessa Magazine » which musically hosted an exhibition.