DONOTFRIDAYVENEZIA | Fjaak x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 007
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Fjaak x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 007


16 Mar Fjaak x Venice Beach_Do Not Friday Mix 007

FJAAK ( Berlin / 50Weapons, Monkeytown Records )
BIO: Fjaak is an electronic music trio born and raised in Berlin.
Knowing each other since their childhood, they began to create all types of music
made with microphones, guitars and drums in a dark, chaotic and dirty cellar. After getting in touch with the berlin-underground-techno-scene, days and nights filled up
with everything about music. Whether it was chopping beats on the mpc in the morning hours or studying manuals, the internet, vinyl stores and Schneidersladen…
Since their establishment in 2009, they attracted worldwide attention with an alternative and boundary pushing take on classic techno, house and breakbeat.
Constantly searching for new ways of expressing their unique musical identity, FJAAK’s music is mostly based on hardware jams capturing both the soul of a onetake recording and the energetic fusion of three individuals.
FJAAK’s love for extended vinyl sessions lead them to start their own parties –Machine Vibes. Starting off with openair events in Berlin, Machine Vibes takes now
place in carefully selected venues around Europe.